Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is an indication of how the Eastern Synod of the ELCIC (as a organization acting in Christian love) treats a congregation that has left the ELCIC.


Letter to Eastern Synod Clergy

Bishop Pryse

October 16, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

On June 21, 2009 , Faith Lutheran Church Downsview officially severed its relationship with the ELCIC.

Subsequently the congregation has joined the Canadian Association of Lutheran Churches (CALC) and Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ (LCMC). Our church has no formal relationship with either of these bodies, indeed, each can be fairly described as being engaged in activities that are potentially harmful to our common well-being.

As a consequence of these actions, it is no longer appropriate for ELCIC pastors to provide Word and Sacrament ministry to this congregation. The only exception to this would be instances where you were asked to provide emergency pastoral care related to a death or serious illness.

While it deeply saddens me that Faith congregation has made this decision, it is important that we accept their decision and allow them to proceed along their chosen path.

With all best wishes!