Monday, November 28, 2011

Failure of Dissent and New Beginnings Conference Comments

The following are comments that have been made regarding the Failure of Dissent and New Beginnings Conference held September 21st in Calgary:

“I felt it was very beneficial to myself personally, and to the pastors and Lutheran members there to have attended and have our concerns heard and answered with solid teaching from the word of God. We were also spiritually fed, which my pastor found to be lacking at the ELCIC conferences, as well as encouraged that biblically we were doing the right thing in looking for options to join the Lutheran reform movement rather than try to change things within the ELCIC. I also saw first-hand how the ELCIC has bullied and badgered the clergy in its efforts to control the future of the church and change the constitution, Augsburg Confessions, etc. to fit their agenda to include same sex blessings and gay ordination. It’s become clear which direction we need to take now, and we are grateful to Solid Ground for having kept the faith, written clear and concise articles in response to ELCIC error, and paved the way for others to follow. Many thanks to those who have kept the torch burning.”
God bless, Helen Harris, Peace Lutheran, Fort St John, BC

 “The Solid Ground meeting in Calgary was a faith-filled, inspiring day.
It was very refreshing to be with like minded clergy and fellow Lutherans.

The presentations reminded us that God is in control, the scriptures are the
inspired, infallible word of God and that God will never forsake us.

We feel betrayed by the ELCIC who has placed a wedge in our lives, our
faith and our congregation.  That wedge has challenged the authenticity of
scripture that places us on a slippery slope.”
Garnet and Faye Altwasser, Trinity Lutheran, Brooks, AB

Friday, November 25, 2011

Discipleship under the Lord of All, Jesus the Christ

Pastor Jaynan Clark gave a stirring presentation at the Calgary Solid Ground gathering, challenging us to refocus on discipleship under the Lord of All, Jesus the Christ. As his disciples we will be constrained to reach out to others, sharing the message of his love and salvation through word and deed. Unfortunately, Pastor Jaynan did not have a script suitable to post on the web site. Two weeks later, Pastor Jaynan gave a sermon of similar content at the LCMC Convention. This talk was livestreamed, making it possible to share the main thought and inspiration with you.

At about the 25 minute mark,  Rev. Jaynan Clark begins her talk. 

View Presentation

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Failure of Dissent and New Beginnings - Rev. D Haugen

Rev D. Haugen was one of the featured speakers at the Solid Ground hosted meeting in Calgary on September 21st.